The End

by @tyleretters

That's All Folks

Coordinated Universal Time is over. It was a successful experiment but we’re calling it now. You know, better to burn out than to fade away.

We had a series of hypothesis when we started. Could we make something beautiful? Connecting? Collaborative? Could we push the medium of podcasts a bit? I’m happy to report that, “Yes. Yes, we can.” And you can, too. In the best case scenario, maybe this podcast inspired others to carry that flame forward with their own projects. If one of those people were you, let us know. We’d love to hear about it.

Even though our jouney together on UTC was only 8 months and 5 episodes, along the way we connected people across several continents; wrote a lot of new music; were inspired by the likes of Mark Fisher, Italo Calvino, Angel Marcloid, Terrance McKenna, Derrick Jensen, JG Ballard, and many others. For our last episode, I couldn’t imagine a better guest. Gabriele de Seta is a media anthropologist practicing in Taiwan and Italy.

Thanks for listening, everyone. Coordinated Universal Time, signing off.